Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bring on the Garlic Sauce!!!

It took me some time, but thank goodness I can finally say the words again… Garlic Sauce!

If you’re confused, I’ll quickly explain. Back in 2012, local calypsonian All Rounder sang a “witty ditty” about his ahem... "affection" for the condiment. Now, here at home, we love garlic sauce and most food eateries have it on the ready with the usual ketchup, mustard and peppersauce. With the advent of All Rounder’s song however, the humorous double entendre was just a bit too much... 

If you’re wondering about the song, here is a link to the video. 

Trust me, the video is comparatively tamer than his live performance of the song, and believe me when I say that it’s the live performance that put me off eating (and even making) my own garlic sauce for a few months well. (Luckily, I have a very understanding family.)

Well, enough time has passed and I have been making my sauce again. Now when it comes to the actual dressing, nearly every household has their own version. Mine is a personal combination of sweetness and tanginess with a good bit of fresh herbs for flavour, and every time I make it, it disappears really fast. (I’ve actually eaten this on Crix crackers too… it’s that good.

Wanna see how the goodness comes together? Read on.

I used roughly 10 to 12 cloves of garlic to make this sauce. I peeled them, cut the root end off and chopped them in half before putting them into my mini chopper.

Next, I took one green pimento pepper, cut it in half, then de-seeded it. It was also chopped roughly and dropped into the mini chopper.

The next three ingredients were a good sized stalk of chive, three leaves of chadon beni and a little fresh thyme. Just like before, I chopped the first two and then peeled off the leaves from the thyme and added them to the rest of ingredients.

A juicy lime was cut and squeezed to give me two tablespoons of juice. This was followed by a level tablespoon of brown sugar – more will be added to taste – and then about ½ to ¾ cup of mayonnaise.

Lastly, a teensy pinch of salt went in.

It was then covered and whizzed, then checked for consistency and flavour. Another level tablespoon of brown sugar was added, plus a tablespoon or two of tap water to loosen it up a bit before whizzing again.  

Perfect. It was then decanted into my measuring cup. As you can see, this gives you roughly less than a full cup of sauce.

I simply poured the delicious sauce into my squeeze bottle. Yum!

Beforehand, I had prepped ingredients for my festive salad: white cabbage, carrot, cucumber, purple cabbage, green pimento peppers, romaine lettuce, celery and red sweet peppers. Everything was tossed together and chilled so they remained as crisp as possible.
A little salad was added to my plate, and the tasty garlic sauce was squeezed on… absolutely delicious! 

As you can see, mine was still pretty chunky, but you can take it further if you like for a finer grind. This sauce can stay in the refrigerator for up to a month, but believe me… my family never leaves any behind for that long.  Enjoy it on anything. We love putting it on salads and fish, but fries, potato salad or boiled provisions taste great with it too.

So, here’s to another cooking adventure, and I hope that you give this sauce a try. Have fun and like I always say, don’t forget to mind the pot!


  1. Can't wait for the day that I can eat at your home! :) Everything you make sounds and looks so tasty and comforting.

  2. Cynthia girl, I too look forward to that day, hahahahahaaaaa! Cooking for you will be an absolute pleasure, lol! Love you lots, my dear! :-D