Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fish, fish in a Dish...

I’m always amazed whenever Errol does a little ‘something’ in the kitchen, simply because he makes it look like he can do it in his sleep.

Maybe the inspiration came from our recent trek to Harry’s Water Park: our posse became amateur fisher folk and tried to catch some tilapia using conks as bait. The fish were biting, but, according to Errol, they now have degrees in “How not to get ketch.”

Small thing. My boy had a back up plan (it would seem), because out of the fridge came three cro cro fish.
“Where you find that?” I had said.
His reply: “Scotty from work… he got them in Guayaguayare. They nice, eh?”

And with that, he grabbed the biggest bowl, a knife and proceeded to the front step to wash and prepare them…

The 3 cro cro were scaled, split open and the guts, gills and eyes were removed, along with the fins and tails. We hadn’t any fresh limes, so a little molasses vinegar was used to thoroughly wash the fish.

With that done, the seasoning began. It was simple. About 2 or 3 leaves of chadon beni, ½ an onion, 2 pimento peppers (1 red and 1 green, de-seeded), a small bunch of chive, some celery, a large garlic clove and a small tomato were chopped and added to the bowl.

Next came the extras; a little Maggi fish seasoning, some salt, some brown sugar and a little ketchup.
All were gently mixed together.

With his spoon and a knife, my boy stuffed that same seasoning into the cavity of the fish… even the head got some.
They were left to marinate for 20 minutes, covered.
While that was happening, Errol put some green bananas, potatoes, pumpkin and carrots to boil with a little salt.
Marinating time is up! A cro cro is gently lifted from its bowl and placed on a square of aluminum foil.
He wraps up the fish…
And places them in an ovenproof dish to be baked at 350 degrees F for about 30 to 35 minutes.
The boiled provisions were checked and taken off the fire to be cooled and peeled.

He used the remaining seasonings to make a killer sauce… I can’t remember everything that went in, but there was olive oil, a Maggi garlic and onion cube, barbecue sauce, some ginger powder and some water… I think.
Out came the fishes! My boy opened one up and took a taste and said, “Mmm-hmm!” then fixed up his plate one time! (And he didn’t forget the zaboca (avocado) either!)

As for me, I followed suit. Here’s the finished product. Errol’s baked cro cro with provisions and veggies!
De boned and ready!
He was so into his lunch and Sunday Sports that I had to beg for a photo, lol! (Thanks Errol!)

So, there you have it, easy baked cro cro. Tasted absolutely wonderful and though the flavours of the fish itself were subtle, they packed a ton of flavour. Truth be told, we all wished we had more! But that’s okay. As my Granny used to say, “Eat little and live long.” :-)

And here’s where I say my farewells until the next kitchen adventure, my friends. Take care of yourselves and like I always say, don’t forget to mind the pot!

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