Friday, January 7, 2011

Ah Makin' a "Zannia" this weekend!

Lizzen vairy cairfullee, I vill zay zees only vonce….

I will be making both a mincemeat and a soya lasagne (or zannia, as I love to call it) this weekend. And will be posting pix of the entire event, from start to belly-ful!

Yes, folks, the cooking vaps is upon me and I must give in. My kitchen needs a good workout for the start of the new year, and since serious illness made me unable to cook a lick for Christmas, I am gonna flex my potspoon muscle and make my deliciously homey Beef and Spinach Zannia!

This is one of those recipes that I have to literally force myself not to make regularly, because truth be told, I wouldn't eat anything else, I swear. Luckily, the combination of ingredients in this dish are not too overpowering on the system and I tend to switch out things wherever I can, like using skimmed milk for whole milk and so on. (You have to be conscious of what going into the belly, you see...)

So, those of you who have only heard about (or have tasted) this zannia, get ready. It’s going to be a workout, but the end result is DE BESSSSS!!
And just so you have an idea of what kind of madness will be taking place in my tiny kitchen, here are a couple pics of the last Zannia ah put down… I think it was sometime in August or September...

Beef & Spinach Lasagne with Garlicky green peas and Tomato Salad. YUMMY!

Yuh want some zannia or wha? Eh?
I know yuh want it! Don't worry...  soon as the madness is over, a new post will follow. 

So, til then, much love and hugs, and doh forget to mind de pot!



  1. aye... dat zannia mash up de dance in work yes. men lookin to see who leavin back so dey could swoop down. not a man jack leave back nah.

    ah wuh see dah recipe!!!